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There are so many ways to benefit from herbs in our daily lives. Although very tasty as tea and culinary seasoning, they also have medicinal actions that can remove inflammation, and diseases from your body. They can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, grow your hair, repair your skin, be used as a fragrance, and turn it into makeup just to name a few. The list is far larger than you could ever imagine.

We enjoy making blended holistic teas, infused oils, tinctures, and salves that naturally heal the body as God has always intended. Holistic Healing is the safest way to safely treat your everyday ailments. Herbs not only heal your body physically, but spiritually as well. They are truly magical, and we are absolutely in love with them.

Allow Tammy Jones Botanica to be your trusted source for daily herbal tea blends that not only heal but taste great as well. We work with over 120 medicinal herbs, and we are dedicated to sourcing our herbs in bulk so that we can continue to provide customers with safe and reliable herbs that meet the highest industry standards. With the option to choose from over 120 herbs we can make the richest greatest tasting tea blends with medicinal intention.

We pride ourselves as being able to consult with you so that we can personally customize tea blends for your personal need and acquired taste! We also sell them by the ounce, cup, or even  pound if you'd like to start your own apothecary healing practices at home.

We are so ecstatic that you visited our website, and we absolutely look forward to becoming your future Naturopathy Practitioner. So, join our Newsletter to learn more!  

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Fan Favorites

Learn more about our custom hand blended teas!

Maintain a healthy Blood pressure.

Our Low Blood Pressure Tea, is a fan favorite, it not only help to  maintain healthy blood pressure levels, but it also taste great, and has multiple action for your full body.

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Trim your waistline with this Tea!

This tea increases hepatic metabolism by reducing cholesterol. It improves fatty liver that generally causes weight gain especially around the middle section.

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Control your stress, anxiety, and menstrual irregularity,

This tea is anti inflammatory, immune stimuling, bloating and a relaxing diaphoretic.

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At Tammy Jones Spiritual Boutique, our desire is to fulfill the needs of the spiritual community.  We offer plant based medicinal herbs & tinctures to naturally heal your everyday ailment. We also have a wide range of retail products for your spiritual path along with personal services such as spiritual guidance Life Coach sessions and Naturopathy Practitioner consultation.

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