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Cleavon Yearwood


I had a beautiful reading by Mrs Tammy Jones, she was so on point and very accurate. I really love her energy and her truth. Also I received some blended herbs for my blood pressure which I tried last night and it taste good. And bought a few more items. Please come and see see Mrs Jones beautiful shop everything is very affordable. Please keep up the beautiful work. 

E. R.


 I recently had a fantastic experience with Tammy's professionalism is truly remarkable; she goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. The product selection on her website is extensive and of the highest quality. What sets Tammy apart is her genuine concern for her customers' understanding of their purchases - her dedication to ensuring we know how to use them is truly impressive. And let's talk about the Confidence potion - its scent is nothing short of divine!

The attention to detail and care that Tammy puts into her products and packaging is evident in every aspect. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the overall experience at Highly recommended for anyone looking for exceptional products and personalized customer care.

Debra Knight


Tammy Jones is absolutely phenomenal! Her packaging is not just beautiful; it's a work of art. I'm so taken by it that I find myself keeping the boxes as keepsakes. As for her oils and candles, they are nothing short of extraordinary. My love for Tammy's products knows no bounds, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a truly enchanting and spiritual experience.

Barbara Bowser


Wonderful products and great price. It’s a hit with me. Try it and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. By y’all ❤️

Delvin Bolen


I did a spiritual reading with Tammy and it was great she gave me a lot of lessons that made me look on a lot of things that was going wrong in my life. In the reading she did, she read me from top to bottom an it made me look at things.  I can do a lot better.  To me 10 out of 10 she’s a 10

Lamel Sales


I had a reading by Tammy first just because I love to support women owned businesses. To my delight, she gave me closure from my deceased husband and the comfort that it is okay to move on as life continues on. I’m so grateful that I was able to sit down in front of her.

Adrian Parkes


Tammy is very personable, she was easy to talk to. She provided great insight with no prior knowledge of my life.


06/28/ 2023

Hey Ms. Tammy! I wanted to write a testimony about your crystals and spray. All of your crystals have had a great effect on me and my household but the thing that stood out to me most is the vinegar spray. I spray it a few times a week in my house and I have noticed it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and my relationship with my bf has gotten better. The arguments have now turned into conversations, apologies and forgiveness. At first my bf didn’t know how to apologize but sense I’ve been spraying the spray he chooses not to argue but he addresses the issues and apologizes! Thank You so much!

Sudie J


Whenever my spirit is troubled, I call upon Tammy to give me a reading, sometimes she can do it spot on, sometimes she has to get back with me to pray & meditate on the situation, without giving her any clues, she always deliver accuracy, I trust her whole heartedly, sometimes she tells me things I wanna hear & sometimes she don't, but I know it's because she cares for my soul & gives me the real every single time & I appreciate her ...God Bless her up coming business & care line to strive to excellence....xoxoxoxo

LifewithMing B


LOVE LOVE LOVE!! she was spot on with everything that was going on around me and with me. she was quick and didn't need my help I didn't have to tell her anythin she New just by looking and reading me. will definitely be back !

IIka M.


Tammy was patient and did not rush the reading. Not only is she incredibly kind and compassionate in her delivery during my reading, but she also answered a message from me with encouragement and reassurances.

Geraline J


is the best reader that I have had. She approaches the truth in her readings and provides a solution to best guide you.

CE. Bell


I had a reading done by Mrs. Tammy B. Jones the reading was thorough and she was spot on giving me some insight on my situation it let me know I was on the right path. She don't ask me for any questions or ask for any information she just picked up on my energy . Her accuracy and professionalism let's me know she knows her stuff. I will be having more reading done by her, I highly recommend her. Thanks Tammy

Jerricka B


Tammy was very professional. I got a reading and it was pretty accurate. She didn't ask me any questions. But she asked me to think of what I wanted to know. And her reading was SPOT ON!! She told me a lot of things about my present and future and I feel more confident in making the right decisions moving forward. I intend to come back for future readings.

Judy K


Ive had multiple reading from Tammy, she has always amazed me by her reading as if she no my future guildlin. I trust in what see speaks for me thanks tammy

Kentucky Girl

10/24/2022  sent by phone

The reading was accurate.  She didn't have me give her any personal information before the reading.  She was compassionate and kind.  The reading brought  me peace and answered a lot of questions I was asking myself.



Most detailed reading I ever had. I took notes. Thank you again :-)

Mrs. D


Good Morning and thanks so much for such an enlightening session last night! I'm sharing this link from Jae Rae Live that I listened to today and let me say synchronicity and confirmation.



Tammy you don't know how powerful that reading was, you are truly gifted girl!!!

Jerricka Bolen


Tammy Jones is truely blessed. Her psychic abilities are on point and very descriptive. I had no lingering questions after her reading. She confirmed a lot of things in my life as well as things I was feeling but unsure of. Highly recommended. I give this reading a 10/10.

Judy K


Thank you for the many many readings you have done for me. You have been so authentic with your readings. Your reading just don't stop after the conversation but last in my head and give me an understanding of myself in my relationship, with my Angels and God who is first. I just want to say thank you.



Hey, I love my reading! You were spot on about everything!! I definitely will be a regular Customer. Thank you!

Patricia Gibson


Tammy was great! Her reading was insightful and theraputic. It is obvious that she uses her gift to truly serve. She went way beyond our time without expecting more compensation. I highly reccomend her services!


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